Instapak® Foam-in-Place Packaging

Foam-in-Place Process

A simple cushioning or blocking and bracing process for a variety of items in varying shapes and sizes.
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  • Instapak® foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength Instamate® film.

  • The Instamate® film is folded over and the product is placed on the rising foam.

  • A second sheet of Instamate® film is placed over the product and more Instapak® foam is dispensed.

  • Your customer receives your product undamaged.

Foam-in-Place Molding:
A process that produces specifically designed cushions for ultimate protection and efficiency.
    • Step 1
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    • Step 3
  • A simple wood mold is used to produce the desired cushion shape

  • Instamate® film is placed in the mold and Instapak® foam is dispensed.

  • Your product is packaged safely in custom-shaped, engineered cushions.

Foam-in-Place Systems

Instapak® 900 Series Systems: The Most Advanced Hand-Held Foam Dispensing System

Instapak® 900 Series Systems
The Instapak® 901 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is ideal for mid-size packaging applications, while the Instapak® 900 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is suited for small to mid-size packaging applications. Both feature:
Self-diagnostic controls
Built-in timers
The flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application
All electric operation; no compressed air
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