Determine If Instapak® Quick RT Foam Packaging is Right for You

Which Foam Do I Need?

Instapak® Quick™ RT is used to protect products of various size, shape and weight. To determine which Instapak® Quick™ RT packaging foam is best suited for your product, refer to the chart below.
You will need to know two attributes of your product:
Product weight
Area - in square centimeters - of the smallest side of the product
Example: Your product is 33 centimeters wide x 25 centimeters long x 13 centimeters high and weighs 5 kilograms. The smallest side is 25 x 13 = 325 square centimeters. Using the chart, you find that Instapak® Quick™ RT is the right foam to protect your product. If the same size product weighs 10 kilograms, Instapak® Quick Tuff™ RT foam should be used instead.
*For Rugged Products - those classified as "Not Fragile" - Instapak® Quick™ RT foam should provide adequate protection.
Please Note: The shipping and transportation environment is a very unpredictable chain of events. Packaging is not an exact science, thus we caution that the chart above be used as a guide and not a final stamp of approval of guarantee that Instapak® Quick™ RT foam will or will not be successful in protecting your product. You should test the application to determine the suitablilty of Instapak® Quick™ RT foam packaging for the intended use.

Which Bags Sizes Do I Need?

See the Volumetric Guide (PDF) for Quick RT and Quick Tuff RT
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