Rapid Fill® Inflatable void fill products expand on-site. A cubic foot of inflated cells, when deflated, will lose 99.3% of its volume. The deflated cells can be sent to any of a number of Sealed Air locations where they will be recycled back into LDPE.

Rapid Fill® Automated Void Fill System

The Rapid Fill® system has redefined void fill by inflating materials to the precise amount necessary creating a custom solution for each package.
Rapid FillĀ® Automated Void Fill System video
Dramatically Increase Productivity -
Fill and seal up to 10 cartons a minute, doubling or tripling the speed of some traditional methods.
Versatile -
Supports multiple pick-and-pack workstations, reducing the number of packagers needed on the line.
Responsible Packaging -
Material is lightweight and inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space to ship conventional packaging materials and reduces the transportation impact.
Cost Savings -
Rapid Fill® film is the lightest void fill material available saving money on shipping
How it Works

A simple three step process creates ideal protection every time

  • 1. A packager clips a Rapid Fill® bag to a corner of the carton to be filled

  • 2. The flaps of the carton are closed and it is guided into the Rapid Fill® system where it is sealed

  • 3. The bag is automatically inflated with the correct amount of air through the carton wall

Rapid Fill® systems may not be available in all regions. Please contact us
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