Fill-Air® RF Inflatable Packaging Systems

Variable Cushion Sizes - Fill-Air® RF bags are available in six sizes for a wide variety of applications
Environmental Advantages - Bags can be deflated and re-inflated for reuse.
Controlled Inflation Process - The operator can inflate bags with the exact amount of air needed to fill the void, controlling the inflation process from start to finish
Compact Size - The two inflation systems fit into any packaging area eliminating the need for bulky equipment and overhead bins

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  • Position products together in the carton, leaving one void area.

  • Insert the inflator nozzle into Fill-Air bag and place the bag on top of products.

  • With three carton flaps partially closed, fill the bag until the void is filled. The clear bag allows for a visual check.

  • Remove nozzle, close remaining flap(s) and tape carton closed.

Choose the system that is right for you...

Fill-Air® RF P50 Portable Inflator Fill-Air® RF R50 Pneumatic Inflator
  • Flexible, can be set up anywhere in your company for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Reliable, all-electric operation requires only a standard 110V/220V outlet
  • Easy to install requiring only shop air
  • Ideal for both individual and online workstations
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