Static Control Products

At this time, these products are not available in Australia and New Zealand

Static Shielding Bags

The static shielding bag is design to be an effective shield against electrostatic fields, providing shielding in excess of 96% attenuation. The internal TriboGuard™ anti-static layer of our film eliminates the worry of polycarbonates stress cracking, corrosion, and soldering defects commonly associated with most anti-static materials, while maintaining desired static charge decay and low tribocharging properties. In addition, the engineered laminate transparent structure of the bag not only provides excellent durable performance but also complete visual access without having to expose its contents to harmful static fields.
Customized sizes and printings are available.

Moisture Barrier Bags

The moisture barrier static shielding bag is designed especially for components and assemblies that need to remain dry prior to further processing. Its unique multi aluminum layer construction provides tough, puncture resistant and low moisture/water vapor transmission characteristics. It is also effective for applications requiring extended storage of boards. This bag is designed to fully meet all of the MIL-B-81705C requirements.
The bag is a multi-benefit product providing EMI and static shielding, and water vapor barrier protection.
Customized sizes and printings are available.
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