Made from 100% renewable materials using a low-energy process. Restore™ packaging is completely home compostable. Custom engineered designs reduce material waste, cube size and product damage.

Restore Mushroom® Packaging

Introducing Restore™ all natural protective packaging from Sealed Air, the FIRST home compostable solution that’s GROWN, not manufactured, to meet your packaging needs.
Restore™ Mushroom® Packaging Video
The power of mycelium (the root-like structure of mushrooms) binds agricultural waste into a strong, all natural composite that offers high-performance cushioning
This material is filled into custom designed forms where it grows into its final shape, resulting in a dependable and renewable custom-engineered cushion
Custom-engineered designs provide the right amount of protection using the least amount of material
Completely biodegradable and home compostable, allowing for easy and environmentally sound disposal.

Award Winning Innovation

Restore™ packaging has been recognised as a leader in sustainable technology by several leading publications and organisations, including:
Technology Pioneer at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
2011 Greener Package Award, Non-FDA regulated packaging
Top “Diamond Winner” in the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation
Sold under license by Ecovative Design, LLC.
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