Sealed Air's approach to sustainability focuses on using resources wisely, improving efficiencies in manufacturing operations, and innovating packaging solutions designed to reduce waste by optimizing protection, convenience and freshness.
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AirCap® E - Barrier-sealed bubble packaging

Over 50 years of experience producing bubble enabled Sealed Air to redesign the bubble configuration.
  • Efficient in warehousing and Economical in transport: Saves up to 21% in volume and contribute reducing carbon dioxin emissions.
  • Effective in protection: AirCap® E barrier-sealed bubble has similar protection as standard AirCap® C bubble.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reusable and Recyclable. The use of the barrier allows us to use thinner film that contributes to source reduction.

Currently available in: UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Benelux, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France

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