AirCap® Air Cellular Cushioning Selection Guide

Sealed Air Has The Right Product For Your Packaging Application

Wrapping each item with small AirCap® and cushioning with large AirCap®, using the criss-cross packaging technique, offers superior product protection.
Standard AirCap® Products
AirCap® small and large bubbles are available in bundles which can be slit into rolls. AirCap® is also available as sheets and pouches.

Small Bubble

AirCap® small bubble protects against marring and scratching of delicate or vulnerable surfaces

CL   small light bubble is popular and economical, widely used for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning.
CM   small medium bubble offers high-performance surface protection and cushioning for long-term product protection.
CS   small strong bubble provides even tougher packaging protection.
CL Top   CL small bubble with high density polyethylene film laminated to the top of the bubbles for excellent puncture and tear resistance.
EL Light   With the same warehouse space you can put 46% more AirCap® E bubble than standard AirCap® C bubble. Besides the reduction of CO2 emission, AirCap® E is reusable and recyclable. The use of the barrier allows us to use thinner film that also contributes to source reduction.

Large Bubble

Extra-large, light bubble AirCap® is the ideal alternative to polystyrene chips or paper when filling voids

DL   large, light bubble is designed for void fill and cushioning applications. Rolls slit 300mm and 500mm perforated every 300mm as standard for fast packaging.
DS   large, strong bubble gives high-performance cushioning.
TL Large   very versatile for cushioning a wide variety of products, perforated every 300mm for fast packing.

Specialty AirCap® Products

Anti-Static AirCap®- to protect sensitive electronic components from static electricity.
AirCap® Laminates - AirCap® laminated to paper, foam or metallised film.
BubbleMask - Self-adhesive bubble masking for surface protection.
AirCap® MiniRolls & HandiRolls - Small consumer-size rolls of AirCap® for offices, small businesses and retail.

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