Korrvu® Anti-corrosion packaging solution with INTERCEPT technlogy is the ideal solution for any manufacturer or distributor whose products are affected by the problem of corrosion. Korrvu® uses INTERCEPT technology to neutralise all corrosive gasses within the carton.
Korrvu® Anti-corrosion with INTERCEPT technlogy eliminates the need for manufacturers to oil and de-oil their metal components, passing further savings on to customers through oil-free packaging. It also ensures that the product is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of with other paper recycling waste.
Unique custom made packaging concept
No off-gassing of volatile chemicals (VOCs)
Requires less assembly and provides cost savings
Oil free
Outstanding performance in cushioning and handling
Consolidates use of packaging to a minimum
Takes less storage space
No capital investment in machines needed
Versatile and flexible

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