SpeedyPacker Insight® Systems

For high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker® Insight™ system.

Versatile and efficient, you can dedicate a system to one packaging line or serve multiple lines with one system.
Our new graphical display lets the operator select optimum bag size and foam combinations to provide fast, secure protection for a wide variety of items. Label and preset up to 156 cushion combinations.
Our SpeedyPacker Insight® systems can deliver up to 21 foam-filled bags per minute, providing maximum productivity and product protection at the touch of a button. Both our bench top and height adjustable floor models can produce traditional foam-in-bag packaging as well as our patented Continuous Foam Tubes (CFT).
The SpeedyPacker Insight® system delivers cost effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage-free package.

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