Instapak® Foam-in-Place Packaging

Foam-in-Place Systems

Instapak® 901 Series Systems: The High Performance Hand-Held Packaging Solution
These economical Instapak® foam systems are versatile yet simple to use. The CE approved, all-electric operation is safe and reliable and ideal for small to large packaging operations. Electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality Instapak® foam.
Some features:
Self-diagnostic controls
Built-in timers
The flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application
All electric operation; no compressed air required

Foam-in-Place Process

Foam-in-Place: A simple cushioning or blocking and bracing process for a variety of items in varying shapes and sizes. Learn how it works.
Foam-in-Place Moulding: A process that produces specifically designed cushions for ultimate protection and efficiency. Learn how it works.

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