Instapak® Foam-in-Bag Moulding Equipment

Bringing together the speed of foam-in-bag with the protection of engineered packaging design

Instapak® foam-in-bag moulding systems create moulded cushions for products that require a consistent, precise fit and superior product protection. Whether you package 20 or 2000 products a day, there is an Instapak® foam-in-bag moulding system best suited to produce protective cushions for your products.

Let Sealed Air design and test a Instapak® foam pack for your product - free of charge

We have over 30 Packaging Design and Test Laboratories around the world. We review and analyse proposed designs, develop new ones, test existing packs and recommend the best way for you to maximise the protective qualities of Instapak® foams. Click here for further information

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