How Instapak® Quick RT® Foam Packaging Works

Instapak® Quick RT® protective foam packaging can be activated right out of the box and requires no additional equipment.

Create Protective Foam Cushions in Three Simple Steps

How to Activate a Bag & Create a Cushion:
  • Press!
    Press hard on the component "A" oval to break seal.

  • Pat!
    Alternately "pat" back and forth on the "A" and "B" ovals fifteen to twenty times.

  • Pack!
    Nestle the product into the rising foam. Repeat the process as needed.

Before using Instapak® Quick RT® foam packaging, please read and familiarize yourself with the important product information provided in the User's Guide and accompanying Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) included with each box.

What's Inside?

Instapak® Quick RT® bags contain sealed pouches of Instapak® liquid components. By pressing on the bag as shown above, the seals of the inner pouches are broken and the components mix to produce high quality, protective Instapak® foam.

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