Instapak® Continuous Foam Tube Technology

An innovative new packaging solution

The CFT technology provides a SpeedyPacker® III or SpeedyPacker Insight® operator the option of producing a continuous flow of foam filled tubes to create a packaging solution for your product tailored to your product.
A CFT-enabled SpeedyPacker® system can tackle any number of packaging applications, including cushioning, void fill, moulded cushions, corner and edge protection, and pad layering.
Continuous Foam Tubes can be utilised in a variety of ways to provide the best possible protection for your product. Some examples:
  • Cushioning Base & Pad Layering: A row of Continuous Foam Tubes can be used as a foam pad, to prevent shock to the bottom of a product, or as a protective layer between stacked products. A bottom layer of CFT protection provides a flat surface to pick or place multiple products or a heavy product
  • Foam-In-Bag & CFT Hybrid Packaging: Combine traditional SpeedyPacker® foam-in bag packaging cushions for side and top protection with a row of Continuous Foam Tubes as a pad for bottom protection to firmly secure fragile objects in place.
  • Protective Wrap: You can use Continuous Foam Tubes as end wraps, side cushioning, corner posts or a complete product wrap-around to prevent damage to delicate edges and corners on virtually any product

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