Look for FSC® certified products
* Certification numbers change according to the production plant.
FSC certification only applies to Mail Lite® White and Mail Lite® Gold

Mail Lite® products eliminate the use of bulky corrugated containers when shipping low-profile items.

Mail Lite® Mailing Products

Please note: in South Africa these products are sold under the Jiffy® trademark

A Complete Line of Cost-Effective, Environmentally-Responsible Protective
Mailers from Sealed Air

Mail Lite®mailing products make up the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers in the industry and accommodate the widest possible range of applications.

Advantages of Using Mail Lite® Products

Save Time and Labor -
two-step packaging operation vs. six steps with cartons.
Reduce Packaging Material Costs -
eliminate the need for void fill material and tape.
Save Postage -
total shipping weight is reduced.
Improve Productivity -
especially important in periods of peak demand.
Save Inventory Space -
more mailers can be stored per square metres.
Reduced Inventory -
one size fits many items.
Reduced Solid Waste Greater Security -
self-seal closures produce a more tamper-evident seal.

A Cost-Efficient Alternative to Corrugated Cartons

Product specifications, brands and availability may vary depending on your geographic location. Refer to the country selector at the top of this page to browse product in your region. Please note that our goods cannot be resold/exported/transferred to entities/persons prohibited by US regulations on export control.